January 20th, 2011

Hey everyone, Starlie here.

Well, i have some news. In the spring (probably later April), i will be moving to Asheville (North Carolina). I'm so excited about this, you can't even begin to imagine the fireworks going off in my mind. ;)

But what does this mean for Emerald Frequency?

You do have a point: 50% of a duo relocating 500 miles away does tend to put a damper on things.

There are intentions to keep the band going in a Loreena McKennitt sort of way (at least for the time being.) Working on new material and such (via long distance). Maybe even an eventual new album.

Realistically? If EF continues much after this, it will likely be because Sir William moves down to Western NC as well (which is totally not out of the question.) Good news for our NC/TN fans, bad news for our OH fans.

But fear not Clevelanders: We do still have a few shows booked for the remainder of my time here.
Check here for the remainder of our booked shows.

(NOTE: I highly recommend checking back there again in the future, because we're still booking, so there will be other dates that pop up. The Facebook page (right here especially is a good spot to be sure to be updated on anything EF-related.)

I will miss playing for you guys. We started Emerald Frequency in 2003, and it's been an awesome ride. One that i will not forget. I send my honest and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us. You taught me to believe in my art. Now i'm off to see where i can take it. :)

Both my dad and i will of course continue to do music. Sir William can be found performing with more than one awesome local group. I highly recommend checking them out!

Smokin Fez Monkeys: Like cartoons for your ears! I love these days.

Highly Funktioning Kult: Very new to the scene. *Fantastic* experimental group. They will hopefully have an internet precense soon. Sir William of Emerald Frequency, Viceroy of Full Load of King, and Uhanimar (Sir William's son, and my crazy awesome brother.) I hear they've just booked a gig at Bela Dubby on February 5th.

As for me: While my musical future is a little unknown right now, i can easily say that i will always be doing it. ;) If you stay a fan of the Facebook page, i will make a note there of any future musical projects (both mine, and my dad's.)

I hope i'll get to see some of you before i go.

Happy adventures be mine - bring it on, horizon!

Love and Light,


Virtual Chocolate

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